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A Pair of Bodies circa 1600

This summer I finished a long term project: a "pair of bodies", which is an early form of stays. Some people also say it's an early corset but I hesitate to use that term. I will use the term bodies in this post because we know that was being used to describe this kind of garment circa 1600 in England. The purpose of this garment was bust and back support and to provide a smooth foundation for the clothes, not waist reduction. These bodies are inspired by the ones used on the effigy of Queen Elizabeth I from 1603. You can read all about these bodies in the book " Patterns of Fashion 5 ", as published by the School of Historical Dress. Here is a brief post from Westminster Abbey, the current owners of the bodies: Westminster Abbey @wabbey "The bodice is made from fustian (a mix of cotton and linen), shaped with whalebone, and trimmed with leather. It was supplied by the Queen’s tailor, William Jones, to Elizabeth’s own pattern and was made especially for the

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