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1502 Swabian Silk Damask Gown

For my third entry into the Atlantian Persona Challenge, created by Her Majesty Adelhait, I have chosen to submit this gown I made in July 2022, that is heavily inspired one from the Kaisheimer Altarpiece. It is from 1502, painted by Hans Holbein the Elder, and the gown is featured on what is likely one of the donors or patrons who supported Holbein when this was being painted.  I see several layers in this outfit. There is a red/orange damask or cloth of gold kirtle, which can be seen at the back skirt and along the sleeve cuffs, plus some of it shows above the hemd at the neckline. Then a decorative hemd is over the kirtle, with either smocking or embroidery across the top of the bust. The gown is probably a silk damask and is trimmed in matching velvet. The necklines of the gown and hemd are trimmed in pearls. For my gown I chose a reproduction silk damask from Sartor in a slightly more aqua shade. I had it already, along with the coordinating velvet trim. I tried to find the right

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