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1510-1530 German Wool Dress

My final entry for Queen Adelhait's Persona Challenge is this early 16th century dress in the German style.   I was primarily inspired by these gowns as painted by artists like Barthel Beham, Albrecht Durer, and the Cranachs. I wanted a center front closing dress out of wool and trimmed in velvet. I plan to add a gold brustfleck later on when I wear it to fancier events.  Barthel Beham (1502 -1540) — Portrait of a Young Noblewoman Bildnis der Barbara Schedlin, 1524 Albrecht Dürer   Detail of a painting by Lucas Cranach   My fabric is a lightweight worsted wool in a fantastic teal color. You can see this color in the above painting (also trimmed in black) so I knew the color was documentable. The velvet is a silk/cotton blend. The lining is natural colored linen and the interlining is linen canvas. All of the hand stitching was done with silk thread.  The gown has a hidden lacing strip on the inside edges which you can see in the above photo. This enables me to get a much more suppo

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