Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Black Elizabethan, Take Two

I have finally (re)finished the black elizabethan gown! I will likely be (re)debuting it at Quest this weekend. All I have left to do is shoulder lacing rings and a hook & eye on the rear skirt opening.

The new gown's changes include: Totally redone bodice- first was made for over a corset, this one is boned and self supporting. Now isn't overly tight, especially in the armscye. Old skirt was box-pleated to a separate waistband, new one is cartridge pleated to the bodice. Undid the wonky hem in the front of the skirt opening. 

And the old dress looked like this: Cute, but needed fitting and finishing work. The bodice was a little sloppy.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Corset, smaller!

So, I fixed the corset... somewhat. I decided to take it in by sewing it slighty smaller, from the inside of course, along the boning channel in the back (but not at the edge). You can't really see the seam unless you're looking for it. I unpicked a few stitches of the binding (top and bottom) to do it, and now I'll have to go back and fix it, but overall, it was a quick and serviceable fix! I can't believe I was thinking about redoing all those eyelets...

I like it as-is, but I'd really like a better-fitting corset. I never seem to manage to make my bodices give me that shelf-y lift look; mine tend to flatten them but still give them oomph. I have D's, so why can't I figure out how to make a shelf?!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Elizabethan Corset - Finished!

Well, I've finished my Elizabethan Corset. Boned with .5" and .25" spring steel all across the front, and it has a wooden busk in the center. All of the bias binding is sewn on by hand, as are the eyelets. I love the colors of the corset, and it looks very pretty in person.

There is only one problem preventing me from celebrating over the fact that I have actually made a corset, and it is... the damn thing is too big. I've lost only a couple pounds since the pattern was drafted, and even when I was cutting out the fabric I took several inches off to make it tighter. Well, it's still too loose. It doesn't get tight enough in the waist to support my chest; it just flattens it. Part of me wants to just take it in an inch on the side at the tip of the tabs under the armpit... bad idea?