Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gold Elizabethan Corset

Well I've finally finished my new corset, after avoiding doing the eyelets for so long. Once I started on them again, I got them all done pretty quickly, and then the binding too.

 Front of the corset. I really like the two-tone gold silks.
Inside of the corset, showing how I didn't mess up this time!

Corset is a gold silk taffeta, with a twill interlining and a cotton duck cloth lining. The boning channels are sewn thru the top two layers only to prevent the boning from rubbing on my skin (which was a major issue with the last corset). The binding is a dark gold silk dupioni, the same as on my old purple corset. And most importantly, this one fits! The purple one was too big.

I have to say that this corset is a really great example of my current skill level. I feel like each garment I make is an improvement on the last. Nowhere to go but up, I hope!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Red Gown Revamp

A couple weeks ago I finished fixing up my favorite gown. It's an Elizabethan with a french vibe. The always amazing Noelle constructed the bodice and skirt back in late 2009 before I could sew much for myself. I added tie-on sleeves, a bit of lace on the edges, and (crappy) hemming. It looked good, but my lack of skills back then made it not great. I feel much better about how it looks now! Here's the before; sorry about the crappy after pic- it looks great in person!

Changes made:
-New, bigger sleeves that are sewn into the armscye. Box pleats at the shoulder. Perfect pattern matching to show off the fabulous fabric.
- Removed the red velvet ribbon neckline binding. Made the shoulder straps about a half inch thinner. Put new binding on.
-Re-hemmed the skirt and added a red velvet guard for some extra punch.
-Bought wider, fancier lace and sewed it to the sleeve cuffs, only after finding documentation that I could have lace cuffs AND lace wrist ruffs at the same time! I still have to tack the lace a bit more at the tips and add a few swarovski pearls for more bling.