Monday, February 11, 2013

Elizabethan Jacket continued... Nearly there!

Getting close! The jacket is technically wearable now. However, I am not planning to wear it until Coronation, March 2.

At this point, I still need to: attach braid to the sleeve seams, attach lace to the sleeve cuffs, attach lace to the shoulders if I have enough left over (doubtful, and it might not need it), and attach the lining to the fashion fabric in the armsyce. It's been left open so I can add the sleeve trimmings. Oh, and the hook and eyes on the petticoat need adjusting.

So close! I'm really pleased with how this came out.

I'm not worried about finishing it on time- I always start my projects early! No 2am mad-dash sewing for this girl :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Progress on the Elizabethan Jacket

I've been slowly working on the Elizabethan Jacket (from hell). Here's how it looks currently. Gold lace and gold braid all sewn on my hand. Bodice just needs hooks and eyes, then I can tackle the sleeves (already cut out).
 The outfit itself. Purple silk petticoat is cartridge pleated onto a thin waistband, with side openings. Pleats are padded with linen. The hem has a metallic gold braid trim that helps to stiffen the petticoat. This thing is POOFY! I had to make the jacket very shapely to accommodate the small waist and large hip ratio of the petticoat. I must say it worked out great! The hips of the jacket stand out on their own :) It'll be worn with my gold Elizabethan corset (not too tightly laced) and my silk organza partlet.
The side and back. Notice the gold braid on the side seams and seams of the hip gussets. I chose to do this because the extant ones have it too. I love the extra detail!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Sewing Room Re-do

A few weeks ago I did a little remodel on my sewing room! I have a small guest room in my house that is my sewing room. Sewing takes precedence over visitors in my house! The old room was fine, just very cluttered. Here's how it looks now!

 The shelves are on a track and are adjustable. They hold all my fabric, trims, notions, patterns, etc. The pink pegboard holds tools like scissors, thread, pens, and measuring tape. The hooks on the right hold my hoops and any fabric that needs to be let out- also projects being worked on.
The brown table can be folded out to twice that size for patterning. The little white pad on the table is for ironing small things like seams, and you can pin onto it.