Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Early Period" Kirtle

Finished this generic "early period" kirtle (or cotehardie) today. I suppose it would date to around 1100-1300? It's not meant to have an exact date. This is a camping dress for Pennsic, to wear to the showers, right out of bed, when it's too hot for late period, and around the camp.

Linen blend, with machine "goldwork" embroidery on the neckline and cuffs instead of trim. No lacing, just pulls on over the head, but is rather fitted. The belt was quickly thrown together to add a bit more bling to such a simple dress.

I have another aqua linen kirtle nearly finished, but that one has eyelets (like, 30+), so it's creeping along steadily.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Finished Men's Elizabethan

 Dylan's Elizabethan outfit is finished! I actually got it done a couple weeks ago, and some pics went up on facebook from friends, but maybe some of you readers haven't seen it yet, so here it is!

I went for a mostly English style, but the breeches are of course Venetian hose. I think the doublet fits him very well, which I made sure to do because fit is very important, as we all know. We know have a toile to work off of for any other outfits in the future. The doublet and sleeves are fully lined in silver silk. The shirt is machine blackworked. The shoes I actually bought for myself from Westland Crafts, but they were two sizes too big so Dylan bought them from me. I think they look spiffy! I got him black and white thigh high socks from, so he has actual "hose", too.

Things I would do differently:
-The collar is too big.
-I suck at doing the crotch... for some reason I can never get the seams right. Why is it so complicated for me?!
-I got a bit sloppy with the sleeves. I seem to suck at those too.

Enough self-hate, I really like how it turned out!