Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Finished Men's Elizabethan

 Dylan's Elizabethan outfit is finished! I actually got it done a couple weeks ago, and some pics went up on facebook from friends, but maybe some of you readers haven't seen it yet, so here it is!

I went for a mostly English style, but the breeches are of course Venetian hose. I think the doublet fits him very well, which I made sure to do because fit is very important, as we all know. We know have a toile to work off of for any other outfits in the future. The doublet and sleeves are fully lined in silver silk. The shirt is machine blackworked. The shoes I actually bought for myself from Westland Crafts, but they were two sizes too big so Dylan bought them from me. I think they look spiffy! I got him black and white thigh high socks from SockDreams.com, so he has actual "hose", too.

Things I would do differently:
-The collar is too big.
-I suck at doing the crotch... for some reason I can never get the seams right. Why is it so complicated for me?!
-I got a bit sloppy with the sleeves. I seem to suck at those too.

Enough self-hate, I really like how it turned out!


  1. I think he looks great! So posh. That blue does great things for his complexion.

  2. I think he looks quite dapper! Fantastic job. :)

  3. Sorry, that was me (Jannean) in the previous comment. :)

  4. I didn't realize that was your work! I saw it at Uprising and thought he looked really good. Vivat girl! :D