Some accessories.

My Award of Arms from the Kingdom of Artemisia ( The gold "A" was given with the award. I attached it to a vintage brooch with some gold wire and pearls.

 A purple swarovski jeweled girdle belt, two rows wide, with an antique brooch for the drop piece. Also earrings and a necklace. My first real piece of jewelry I've made!

A black swarovski jeweled girdle belt. The big drop piece surprisingly came from Forever 21!

A girdle belt, earrings, and necklace. Swarovski pearls and crystals, with gold plated components, all strung on wire. The drop piece is for a miniature portrait, from Raymond's Quiet Press, though I still need to get a portrait in there!

Pink wool 14th century hood lined in pink linen, with mother-of-pearl buttons.

A white wool and silk 14th century hood with self-fabric buttons.

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