Saturday, August 20, 2011

Another Pink Kirtle!

Long time, no post! It's been a very busy summer for me. I've been doing small projects here and there, mostly little things for Pennsic, but now that I'm home for a bit, I can start on larger projects. For example...

Another pink kirtle! I found this linen in the red tag section of Joann's and scooped it up. It's an unusual color- definitely pink, but with a red undertone to it. There was only 3 yards, so I'm really cutting carefully on this one! I cut 25" off the length of the fabric for the bodice, and will cut the remaining yardage in half to make the skirt. I then bought this dark turquoise linen at Pennsic to make the sleeves and guards. This outfit will be super bright! Both colors are darker than pictured.

I'm at the boning stage right now. I used to buy precut / predipped spring steel, then decided I'd cut and dip my own lengths, but I really hate the process. I'm only continuing to do it because I still have rolls of boning to use up. After that, I'm going back to buying it. I just hate waiting a week to get the boning to my house.

Yes, the fashion fabric looks patterned oddly. I cut all three layers using my paper pattern, then sewed the interlining (cotton duck) and lining (cotton) together, and started modifying the pattern via sewing and cutting away. My current pattern is a little too large. I haven't cut down all the linen yet, so that's why it looks a little funny.

I'm debating using this kirtle as a layer for my ACC entry, instead of doing a gown...

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