Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pink kirtle progress...

I'm finally progressing on the pink linen kirtle. I didn't touch it for the last few weeks- I had no reason to quickly get it done, so I've been doing stuff in real life instead of sewing. But back to it, cause I missed sewing! I will try to finish the kirtle this week so I can wear it the 8th for a small SCA demo.

This thing is WAY brighter in person! Kinda obnoxious, which is awesome. Left to do: mostly small stuff. Hem the sleeve cuffs (I don't have ape arms!), add the hook and eye to close the skirt at the back waist, and possibly add another row of guarding. I really like the look of multiple rows of guards, like my purple kirtle, so time permitting, I'll likely do another row.

I'm a bit bummed because I don't have another SCA event to go to until december, which is Solstice Court, and that's still only a possibility. Therefore, my sewing has been stagnant for weeks. Why sew something new that I can't wear for ages?! I don't even need a new dress for Solstice because no one down south has seen my epic black elizabethan, so I'm going to wear that. The group next door is hosting an italian-themed event in february, so I'm considering making a florentine gown for it, but we'll see. Le sigh :(


  1. Haha I Love the obnoxious pink! Um... aren't you working on an ACC entry? You're listed among the entrants.

  2. Thanks! I love the obnoxiousness too!

    I am doing the ACC but considering changing my outfit plan. Hell, if I use this kirtle as layer 2, I'm technically done with the challenge!

    I'm not sure I want to make the new French gown for the ACC because I'll have nowhere to wear it until 2011. Bleh.

  3. I think it would be a good excuse to come down to 12th Night in BGL - to wear a new outfit! ;)

  4. Also, Kingdom Collegium is Nov. 5 in BGL. Come down for a visit. I'm sure you could find somewhere to crash overnight

  5. Bianca- my family lives in SLC so crash space isn't the problem. The 6.5 hour drive is! I'll get down there eventually :)