Saturday, November 19, 2011

English Smock, and a purchase

I'm back to sewing! This is the first of a few upcoming posts.

I feel like I have finally gotten my smocks perfect. This is the third one I've made, so I feel pretty solid as far as undergarments go. I don't think I'll need another one for a long time. All are slightly different and work best with certain gowns or kirtles.

This one is a linen/cotton blend (rather see through!), typical pattern of rectangles and gores. I did machine "blackwork" on the neckline and cuffs for detail. I particularly love the cuffs: first I zigzag stiched 15x1.5 strips of linen, then gathered them with a long stitch on my machine, arranged the mini-pleats, then attached them to the band. I had never attempted anything like that before but I just went for it, and it worked perfectly! All I need is a serger and this smock is 100% awesome.

And, I finally bought some wrist ruffs from the Renaissance Tailor! I've been dying to get some ever since I bought my uber-ruff 2 years ago, but it took some extra b-day cash to convince me to order them. They match my ruff; both are made of silk organza sewn onto linen bands, with lace.

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