Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Elizabethan Corset

A few weeks ago I decided to start working on a new corset. My purple one (which can be seen several posts back), despite looking very cool, just didn't fit well enough. I discovered this at Pennsic last august, when I wore it underneath my gold Florentine.

Problems with the purple corset:
-too big at waist and bust
-shoulder straps too loose at the back (bad patterning)
-tabs too short. this caused the boning to stab into my back and hips
-too few layers. the boning tips would rub against my skin, having just one layer of duck cloth and one outer of silk
-just looked sloppy to me.

I knew I could do better, so I've been working on this new corset. Gold silk outer, interlining of cotton twill, lining of duck cloth. Boned with .5" and .25" spring steel. Pattern drafted by me. I made the tabs over an inch longer than the old ones, which will prevent them from digging into my hips.

All that I've got left to do is the eyelets and binding (the parts that take the longest!).

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