Saturday, June 9, 2012

Elizabethan Fitted Gown

Hello blog world! I have been slowly working on a few projects here and there over the last couple months. I didn't have any events that I absolutely needed something new for, which is a good reason to be working on things. Also, I have taken on a small costuming job for a local theatre production, so that eats up my sewing time too.

Here's a mostly complete English fitted over gown, that will be used as a coat for chillier events. White cotton damask, white silk lining, cartridge-pleated skirt, attached collar. Just needs some way to close it. For the time being I'm going to sew white ribbon bows on to tie it closed, but once I get some money collected I'm going to buy some fancy fox-head cloak clasps.


  1. Awesome! You're going to look gorgeous in it...though you're much braver than I am, to wear white! ;)

    1. Thanks Holly! I love wearing white, both modern and historical clothes. I have a gift for keeping my clothes clean!

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  3. Gah! Fabric lust! Beautiful, as always. Good luck keeping those hems white. I'd fail miserably! ;)