Monday, January 20, 2014

I've been a bad blogger...

Well hello costume blog world! I can't believe I haven't posted anything in nearly a year... *hangs head in shame* Maybe it's because I haven't been able to do much sewing in that time. I have moved, bought and sold houses, got engaged, started planning the wedding, am working more hours, blah blah excuses. I have made a few things in that time, but I haven't been going to as many events as I used to.

My fiance is awesome and is getting into the SCA with me. So, he needs a wardrobe of course! Again, he's awesome so he wants his persona to match mine (16th century English noble), therefore it's doublets galore for this guy. For his first couple events, I had made him a simple linen tunic, norse leg wraps, and hose. I was just making sure he wanted to join for real before I made him anything significantly time consuming. He's gone to I think 4-5 events so far and likes it, so now he needs his own wardrobe!

I made him a grey wool doublet (not pictured), purple wool venetian breeches, and a white linen shirt with black machine embroidery to start. We ordered him shoes from (I highly recommend them). He's gotten into period music, which is great- I want him to have his own SCA things to do!

Projects currently in production are a new full suit for him (black wool trimmed in grey), the Elizabeth of Austria gown for me (have bodice and skirt done, the sleeves are killing me), and adding more options to his outfits. We are planning on a few multi-day event this year, and he'll need more to wear.

Hopefully I'll post more soon!

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