Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pictures of Finally Completely Finished French Gown in Rust Silk Damask

Well, I finally got the neckline jewels sewn onto the bodice of the French gown. They really make an impact! I purchased some dark gold metallic lace to sit underneath the jewels, similar to the inspiration portrait. I put on some of my award jewelry (brooch, pearl necklace with medallion) and it was waaaay too much bling. I didn't want to look like a queen at a Renaissance Faire so I went minimal with the jewelry this time around.

Please excuse my silly face, I think the sun was in my eyes a little!

Here is a fun picture of me, my friend Celeste who is new to the SCA this year, who has chosen a 16th century Venetian persona, and also my husband looking spiffy in his new wool suit. Our friend Sarah and myself helped her make her first gown. Everyone contributed a third of the work! I gave her some yellow silk damask to start off her SCA career on a fancy foot, and loaned her some jewelry until I teach her how to make wired jewelry! She did great on her first gown and I'm looking forward to all the fabulous creations in the future.
 In this picture I'm receiving my Order of the Key Cross, an arts and sciences award in the SCA, from Their Majesties Timmur and Sorcha. It was also my 29th birthday that day! Only disaster to happen was I lost one contact so had to wear my glasses all day.

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  1. Your dress is beautiful!!! What kind of stays do you have?