Men's Costumes

A black chenille velvet gown for the 1480s-1490s.

An orange, figured silk cotehardie in the 14th century style, with 34 buttons.

A hunter green wool cotehardie, the first I had tried for this style for my husband. The hood is from The Hooded Hare.
An early 16th century waffenrok, red linen with blue wool guards, for a friend in my SCA group.

A wool doublet and breeches for my husband. It's a light tan, heavy weight wool gabardine. Fully lined in linen. Pewter buttons down the front of the doublet and the fly of the breeches. Sleeves tie on.

A blue velvet Elizabethan suit for a friend. Navy cotton velvet, silver silk lining on doublet and sleeves. Pewter buttons on doublet front and sleeves. Also has some black gimp braid on the sleeves and shoulder wings of the doublet. 

 A linen shirt to go with the blue velvet suit. Machine embroidery in a leaf pattern. Zig zag stitch over the edges of the pleated collar and sleeve cuffs to get the black edge.

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