Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Finally Fully Fixed Pink "Florentine" Dress

I showed the fixed version of this dress about a year and a half ago, but I recently fixed it a bit more, and now I'm not gonna fix it any more... ha!

I've decided that this is the FINAL fixed dress. At this point I would have to take it totally apart to change anything else. The only changes from the previous fix are the sleeves- I remade them since I had a bit of fabric left over. The last sleeves were too long, too tight, and a lousy pattern at the top. They only had two ribbons tying them on.

I made a tie-on sleeve pattern last year that fits my weird arms and shoulders, so I used that for the new sleeves, and they now have four ribbons. It's a much better look now.

I feel that the dress now looks more Florentine than English. My persona is English but this dress didn't feel English at all. I also don't think baby pink is a good "English" color. So Florentine it is!

Issues with this dress overall, that would take too much work to fix now:
1. I made the bodice too big.
2. It needs more boning- the bodice doesn't really support me at all.
3. The bodice is about an inch too long at the waist.

Other than that, I still quite like this dress. I can wear it to camping events and still look dressed up. It's a nice in-between outfit that's nicer than a kirtle and more casual than a gown. It looks good on me except the fact that the bodice is a bit loose.

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