Friday, April 29, 2011

Doublet Progress and New Fabric!

I've made a small bit of progress on the doublet for Dylan. I've sewn on most of the buttons (waiting for the store to restock, haha) and whipped the lining to the bottom on the inside. I still need to do the buttonholes and the rings at the shoulders for the tie-on sleeves, and of course the braided trim. Then sleeves, then pants... but the doublet is nearly done!

Next, more fabric! Not that I needed any... I bought 3 drapes, 48" wide, that equal over 7 yards in length. It's silk damask (my favorite type of fabric ever), in a lovely soft gold with cream undertone. The actual color is a bit in between these two pictures. I'm divided on what it would look best as: 16th cent gown? 18th cent francaise? It is sooo lovely... 

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