Monday, April 18, 2011

Men's Elizabethan Doublet

This is the start of a full outfit that I'm making for a new friend who just joined the SCA. I spent the weekend sewing at a friend's house; she helped me considerably with this project, and she had experience making doublets for guys, and I had none.I wanted this outfit to look a bit more masculine than many Elizabethan men's suits I've seen around.

Here's the doublet as it looks right now:

Blue cotton velveteen, lined in silver silk. The metal button is just pinned on, but there will be 10-12 buttons on the placket. This doublet fits Dylan extremely well. We took a long time making a toile out of duck because we knew the fit would make or break this outfit.

Other parts of the outfit include: a linen shirt, blackworked, which is already finished and one of the coolest looking things I've ever made; sleeves that are open on the front seam, gathered with buttons and lined in silver silk; venetian breeches. The trim is black gimp.

I'll try to get more pictures up as I put the rest together!