Monday, July 4, 2011

Loose Gown

I'm over halfway finished with my mid to late 1500s loose gown. I bought this silver wool velvet (!) fabric well over a year ago, and initially was going to make a fitted English overgown, but I just couldn't get the fit right, so I tried a simpler loose gown style a month ago... plus this fabric is really tough to work with. It's so thick! When you slide your hand over it, it feels like you're petting a dog!

How I left it last month: collar was too wide and tall at the tips, needed more shape.

At left, the current state. Right, the lining inside out.

So this gown is lined in silver silk only down the front panels and the back "yoke" because that's all I had on hand, and I think it'll be alright. It's lined where it matters!

Right now it's super simple, so I'll start trimming next. One issue is that I wasted so much fabric trying to make the fitted gown that I didn't have a lot left for this, so the hem is about 8 inches short. I think I'll do a wide black velvet guard, and trim it with black velvet around the armscye? Thoughts or ideas about that?

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