Monday, July 11, 2011

Sleeves and Forepanel

Finished the extra set of sleeves and forepanel for my black silk Elizabethan. Seeing as I decided I will not be bringing my elaborate red silk damask French gown to Pennsic (for fear of it being stolen), I chose to instead make a second pair of sleeves and forepanel to switch out- it's like having another gown! Fabric is a lovely, shiny apple-green and silver cotton-blend damask that cost me all of $5 for 2 yards at Uprising!

These are easily the best sleeves I have ever made. Why? 
1. I loved Crystal's way of sewing in the ribbons into the sleeve head, so I tried that on this set, and I love it! Much easier than sewing on rings and losing loose ribbons.
2. Fully lined in green silk, and fully finished on the inside with no frayed edges (a bad habit of mine).
3. Pattern placement is perfect! I took care to make it exactly right.

Forepanel is pretty straightforward. I chose to do just the forepanel alone, instead of attaching it into a whole underskirt. It's documentable, so it works. Plus I'll have a petticoat under it to hide the hoop lines. 


  1. Gorgeous fabric. My heart adores damask *so* much. With sleeves like this, I've never lost ribbon, but I have popped rings from the gown - but they're easy to tack back on, and usually if they pop, they're still tied to the sleeve, so I very rarely even lose a lacing ring.

    So much prettyful.

  2. Thanks! I'm a bit of a damask freak too.