Friday, January 9, 2015

Very nearly finished with the Blue Silk French Gown

Getting close on the blue silk gown! Skirt has been cartridge pleated and attached to the bodice. Made a placket to go underneath the back lacing to allow for stuffing my face at feast and still having the gown fit. I put it on my dress form to see how it all looks together with some accessories. I am still debating putting more trim on the bodice, but am leaning towards no more trim at the moment. Now I just have to hem it, which should be a bit more time consuming that usual as I have two skirt layers instead of one.

Sorry for the dark and fuzzy picture! I need a picture of the dress in the daylight. I'll probably do that when it's finished!
I am currently working on two commissions so this dress might have to wait to be finished for a wee bit. My commissions have to be done in exactly a month, and this dress will be first worn on March 21, so I think it'll work out well.

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