16th Century

Here are my 16th century costumes, in mostly time-progressing order.

Purple linen kirtle. Black linen guards at hem and cuffs. Boned with a bit of spring steel. Tie on sleeves. Cartridge pleated skirt. First iteration (left picture), then second iteration (right picture and bottom picture). Changes made include removing sleeve cuffs, shortening sleeves, tidying up some fraying on the pleats and the hem. I also wear fuller petticoats with this kirtle now. Read about the changes here!

Pink cotton sateen Florentine-style dress. Has some zip-tie bones in center front and back. Tie on sleeves. First iteration (left picture): box-pleated skirt, pink ribbons for sleeve ties. Second iteration (right picture): added more trim to bodice, raised shoulders, off-white ribbon for sleeve ties , cartridge pleated the skirt to the bodice, shortened sleeves. Read about the changes here.

Pink linen kirtle, teal linen guards and sleeves. Lightly boned with spring steel. Cartridge pleated skirt, tie on sleeves. See a post about it here.

 Black wool garbadine fitted English over gown, made from the pattern in the Tudor Tailor. Shown over my pink kirtle. Trimmed in black velvet ribbon from MJtrim.com, black silk taffeta for sleeve poufs. Bodice lined in black duck cloth.

Gold silk Italian gown. Unboned, worn over corset. Beaded trim from Ebay. This dress has been taken apart as the fit was uncomfortable, which is sad because it was quite pretty. I kept the trim in case I want to use it again!

Red silk damask fabric from Scalamandre was an ebay score. Unboned, worn over corset. Cartridge pleated skirt. The bodice and skirt were made by my friend Mistress Serafina. First iteration (left picture) had tie on sleeves and a purchased ruff. Second iteration (right picture) has sleeves sewn in, velvet guard at hem added, and lace cuffs with pearls sewn onto sleeves.See the revamping details here.

Black silk taffeta Elizabethan gown with multiple sleeve and forepart options. Currently I have three sets- red silk with pearls sewn to tiny velvet diamonds, green & silver damask, and blue polyester with gold and blue diamond detail with pearls sewn on. Boned with spring steel, skirt cartridge pleated, some black velvet trim, and black velvet tubular ribbon with gold aiglets for tying on the sleeves. Shown in the pictures with various partlets and girdle belts, and a Pennsic sunburn! I made some changes to this gown, read about them here.

Blue and gold poly damask Florentine sottana/dress. Boned with spring steel. Side lacing. Skirt cartridge pleated to the bodice. This dress was mostly made from the Patterns of Fashion book, the pages on the funeral dress of Eleanor of Toledo. Sleeves have linen poufs and gold buttons. Read about this dress here. 

I made some more fixes to this gown in June 2015. Read about them here!

 Silk jacket in the late Elizabethan-early Jacobean style, based off extant jackets and portraits. I have several posts about the construction of this jacket. It's embroidered yellow silk fashion fabric, lined in gold silk, trimmed in gold lace and gold braid, purple silk cuffs, with a purple silk petticoat trimmed in metallic gold lace, side opening, cartridge pleated to a waistband. Here it's worn with a silk organza partlet trimmed in lace, and worn over my gold silk corset.

Rust silk damask gown in the French style, circa 1570. Lined in gold silk, interlined in heavy linen and duck cloth. Sewn in sleeves with poufs and jewels, worn over a small hoop and a thick gold petticoat. Read the final post here.

Blue silk taffeta 1560s-1570s French gown, velvet guard and beaded trim. Here's the final post about it.

An entari, hirka, and salwar from Ottoman Turkey. Read about it here.

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