Here are my medieval or even earlier period costumes.

White linen 14th century kirtle, worn over a simple sleeveless underdress. This dress is worn in the summer. The kirtle has since been dyed purple as seen in the right pic. Also note the improved accessories! Hood, belt, pouch, husband, etc. Here's my post about it.

Red, lightly patterned linen sideless surcote, worn over the above kirtle.

Orange herringbone linen Viking / Norse apron dress. Has blanket stitch around neckline and hem. I need to add some more decorative stitches along the side seams. This apron dress has no gores but shaped panels, which I much prefer to the gored style. Worn over a light linen underdress, with a purchased inkle-woven belt.

 My first viking apron dress, green linen with blanket stitch on the neckline and hem, and herringbone stitch on the seams. This one has 4 gores and straight panels.

14th century mint wool kirtle, front lacing, button sleeves. Read all about it here.

14th century silk brocade gown, back lacing, button sleeves. Read my post about it here.

 14th century red silk brocade surcote. Read about it here.

A plaid cotehardie worn over a turquoise kirtle. Read about the construction here.

Two linen 14th century kirtles. Here's some info about the black one. The turquoise one is identical in construction to the black. 

 A blue silk cotehardie that can be worn with a full kirtle underneath (see them both here) or with false undersleeves (the black) sewn in for that day.

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